CurData Solutions 

Designed to Improve Financial Performance for Healthcare Delivery

We bring together your financial, operational, and clinical data and identify opportunities for returning real working capital to your bottom line while helping you implement sustained data-driven process improvements.

Let Your Data Take Your Healthcare Business to Higher Grounds

At CurData our mission is to activate data to drive constant innovation, improve healthcare financial and operational management through continuous performance improvement.

Contingency-based Offerings

Through the use of contingency-based offerings, we can prove the value of our approach and drive significant savings at little to no risk to the organization.

Data Access Expertise

We provide a spectrum of data access tools and expertise to support the entire healthcare value chain including providers, payers, suppliers, and consumers.

Process Oriented Solutions

Our solutions are focused on improving specific business processes and functions of a healthcare enterprise rather than the implementation of generic technology.

Continuous Improvement 

By accessing data from multiple information systems and apply our methodologies we can establish or enhance your business process to provide ongoing performance improvements.

Proprietary Methodology. World Class Technology.

CurData Solutions was founded to deliver real-time continuous access to data in multiple healthcare provider and payer systems utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI), Dashboards and Automated Workflows to enable decision making and operating at the level of Best Practices.

Our primary offering during this time of financial crisis is focused on generating revenue for Hospital Delivery Systems through a set of contingent cost recovery service offerings concentrated on the Accounts Payable processes of a health enterprise.  This allows our healthcare customers to self-fund the development and implementation of automated AP workflows resulting in significant, ongoing cost savings to the organization. Utilizing these cost savings, additional use cases supporting a broader set of enterprise processes can be deployed to support the enterprise mission and goals.

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Businesses Performance?

We will sit down with your Finance, Purchasing, and Technology stakeholders to provide a clear working capital recovery opportunity to fund automation and create continuous improvement in real time. Click the box below to schedule a consultation.